GCC AirNet Equipment Requirements

Here Is What You Need:

A GCC AirNet end-user must be equipped with a Network Interface card (NIC)*, a 10baseT or 100baseT hub, or switch, and a computer or other network device, for proper operation. The following are provided: 50 feet of Ethernet cable, 15dbi Unidirectional AirNet unit, Power Injector, and one Ethernet cable. In addition, the end-users computer/s must meet GCC AirNet's recommended system requirements. 

You should also own your own home or building where the wireless will be installed or have land lord permission for installation.

Minimum System Requirements:

PC Macintosh Linux
Processor  166 Mhz or higher (Pentium recommended)  68040-25 Mhz or higher  486-66 Mhz 
RAM  32 MB (64 MB recommended)  32 MB (64 MB recommended)  32 MB (64 MB recommended) 
Operating System  Windows 95/98/ME  System 7.1 or higher  Red Hat, BSD, Slackware, Linux PPC 
Network card  10 Base-T Ethernet card*  Apple Ethernet-built-in 10-Base-T* or AUI adapter 10 Base-T Ethernet card *
Video  VGA 256 colors or better  256 colors or better  VGA 256 colors or better 
Internet  Microsoft TCP/IP stack (or equivalent)  Mac TCP 2.06 or later  Linux TCP/IP Stack 
Expansion Slot  1 ISA or PCI Slot  None/or Airport Card  1 ISA or PCI Slot 

NOTE for Apple PowerBooks or PC Laptops, no ISA or PC slot is necessary. You can use the existing PCMCIA slot on your laptop. For Macintosh Computers a special Ethernet to wireless radio device is required and requires an additional cost. If you have an iMac, iBook or G4 with a wireless Airport card install costs decrease if you are within range of service using your existing wireless card. If not you will have to add an Ethernet card to you unit. 

*Ethernet card required for all applications.

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