Network Equipment Options

The following shows what hardware is included when you order your GCC AirNet Wireless Broadband Service and other network equipment options that are available
from GCC:

(One Time/Non-Refundable)

  • 75 feet of CAT5 cable, 

  • Universal mount bracket

  • Power over Ethernet adapter - included

  • 24 volt DC adapter

  • 600 mW Radio 

  • Outdoor Antenna

Basic Hardware Costs:

Distance from nearest tower

  • 1-5 miles $190

  • 5-10 miles $CALL

  • 10+ miles $CALL

What is included?

  • Mounting external antenna on universal mount. 

  • Drilling hole in exterior wall to bring in Cat5 Ethernet cable.

  • Installing cat5 ends and testing cable.

  • Installing POE device and DC power supply.

  • Installing Ethernet cable to single  PC or hub.

  • Hooking broadband to computer and setup email and web services.

  • Install backup (dialup software) service.

Additional Hardware & Labor costs
50 foot Mast $150
Network Card $19.95
Gable Mount $29
Network Router $35
Cable Drops $60
Wireless Card $59.95
Onsite Labor $60/h Wireless Router $50.00


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