About GCC AirNet Wireless Broadband

How it Works...

GCC's AirNet Broadband Wireless System uses radio signals transmitted from tower locations in the Southeastern Oklahoma area. These signals allow for broadband access to be delivered to our customers via small antennas mounted on the customer's rooftop. Please call us today to schedule your free site survey to determine availability at your location.

How is Broadband Wireless different than DSL or Cable?

GCC AirNet utilizes wireless RF equipment to deliver high-speed Internet service to our customers. Similar to cable and DSL, GCC AirNet is an "always-on" connection that requires no dialing to log in. Security is controlled in our radio equipment to prevent others from using your service or "listening" to the communications on our network. Our biggest distinction is our service. We go well beyond the larger cable and DSL providers in terms of customer service, assisting our customers in network setup, virus protection, email SPAM protection and general PC support. Being a locally owned and operated ISP allows us to provide that extra level of service not typically seen by other telco companies.

Is the service affected by weather?

Our service works in all forms of weather. However, being that our equipment is located on your rooftop, lightning can strike the equipment and prevent access to the Internet. If you do experience a lightning strike or "near" strike, please contact us and we will replace your radio equipment as soon as possible. GCC AirNet strongly suggests the use of surge arrestors and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) equipment to protect your own PC during lightning storms.

What additional services are provided as a subscriber?

GCC AirNet offers free email addresses, access to newsgroups, and public web space. Our customers also enjoy a fixed public IP address, which makes access to other corporate networks easier for telecommuters, etc.

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