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Estimates in 2005 peg a figure of 888 million active Internet users worldwide. Of this number, 291 million are English speaking users. Imagine that amount of exposure available for your business!

We can help you reach those worldwide internet users. Grice Consulting gives you access to a pool of talented web design artists and programmers, and some of the best writers and web marketers in the industry. Our team web professionals are available for your web design project no matter how big or how small. Our team is dedicated to making your web site unique, usable, attractive and effective.

Our web service packages have been designed to meet your various needs. Get an obligation-free estimate from us and take the first step towards making the Internet work for you.

Below are descriptions of the web design services we can provide to your company:

Web Design
In the area of web design Grice Consulting specializes in designing and maintaining high-quality custom informational web sites and e-commerce sites. We will take care of every aspect of designing and hosting your company's web site. We will create a new web site to your specifications, or help you improve, maintain and promote your current site.

We will work with you by sitting down and going through a thorough web site design evaluation process to fully understand your target customers and market, design and navigation criteria, and your expectations. Once we are all on the same page and have agreed on a design and the navigational aspects of the site, we will begin the process of building your custom web site. Quotations for every service will be submitted to you in advance for your approval. We typically provide fixed-bid, not-to-exceed quotes so there are no surprises at the end in terms of costs.

Web Site Redesigns
If you have a current web site but aren't pleased with its appearance, functionality, performance, or traffic, let Grice Consulting give your site a new look with our site re-design services. Site re-design (sometimes called "site makeovers") can help rekindle the public's interest in your products and services. We'll update your existing web site to your specifications, and make recommendations on further enhancements.

Advantages of Site Makeovers:

  • Gives your site a refreshed "look and feel"
  • Takes advantage of the latest technologies
  • Decreases site download times (your site loads faster)
  • Makes site more search engine friendly
  • Enables your site to better reflect your corporate image
  • Makes site compatible with new browsers
  • Gives your site added functionality

Web Site Maintenance
Not happy with your current web design firm? Not getting the turn around on your site changes in a timely manner? Are web site updates costing you an arm and a leg?

Grice Consulting can help! We can offer you affordable hourly rates for changes that occur on an irregular basis or we can provide regularly scheduled maintenance and updates for your site! Usually we can get minor site updates and changes turned in a very short period of time, or if it is an emergency we can typically get changes done within a couple of hours.

If you are in need of a reliable web site maintenance provider, give us a call and we can discuss your needs and determine how we can help!

Flash Development
Flash is a technology used to build fast-loading web pages that can hold a lot of dynamic content such as animations, interactive elements, audio, and video. With Flash, a whole new level of dynamic graphical effects can be added to your web site. Our expert designers can create Flash content for you. From simple animations, to complex splash pages, we can design Flash content to enhance any web site.

Database Driven Web Sites
Combining a database with a web site is one of the best ways to create a highly sophisticated web site. In fact, the power and flexibility offered by integrating a database with a web site is the foundation for today's most popular web sites.

For a small or medium sized business, the most predominant use of web database technology is to facilitate the need of a company to make their own web site changes on a frequent basis without having to have a web designer do it. A couple of simple examples might include a Funeral Home that wants to update Memorial Service listings weekly, or a training company that wants to update their training course schedules frequently, and there are a myriad of other similar examples that could be provided.

With a simple web based administration interface a user can log onto their web site input new information in a form-driven interface and submit the new information and their web site automatically gets updated.

If you need a web site where your content is continually changing, then you probably need a database driven web site. Call us and we can discuss whether a database application is right for frequently changing portions of your web site.

Web Programming
There are times when circumstances require a specific customized program. A company or individual may have a need for a defined application that is not readily available. We can provide web programming expertise including coding for ASP, PHP, VBScript, Javascript, and Database Programming, building online forms, customizing shopping cart applications, etc.

Content Development
Need help in developing the content for your web site? No problem. We have helped numerous clients in developing content and sculpting their corporate message for their online presence. Let us help you transform your vision into an effective online message tailored for your target Internet audience.

Online e-Commerce Store Design
Ready to start selling your products online? We can help. We can help you build simple PayPal shopping cart design all the way up to very sophisticated online stores with hundreds or thousands of products. We are familiar with many of the most popular shopping cart platforms and applications and can get your company online and selling products fast.

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